Summary: Winston FK, Kassam-Adams N, Garcia-Espaandntilde;a F, Ittenbach R, and Cnaan A. "Screening for risk of persistent posttraumatic stress in injured children and their parents," Journal of the American Medical Association vol 290(5): 643-649. 2003.

It is estimated that between 13 percent and 45 percent of children who have been injured suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result. By the time a child could be diagnosed with PTSD-at least a month after symptoms first appear-he or she has most likely been released from the hospital where the injury was treated. This study describes the process researchers used to develop and test the Screening Tool for Early Predictors of PTSD. This tool was designed to help doctors screen children and their parents to predict who was likely to develop PTSD. Those children and parents judged most likely at risk for developing PTSD can then be evaluated further, monitored, and offered treatment if the need should arise.